forever born inside a boombox
hey my name is taylor, i live in oakville, canada...and yes its true i do i do have a pet polar bear, his name is jeffery...ive gone through alot in my life soo ive coped by listening to music, drawing,and smoking weed. imma RAVER.
Stoner by life, artist by dream, music by soul..."forever born inside a boombox". i believe imma pretty fucked up guy not on the mental level of others i think im different with a mission to influnence the souls and minds of those around me.

imma pretty outgoing person, easy to talk to, just a tad insane xP my friends think im bipolar but i think im just more imagination than personality....


pep pep


"I have the best Daddy!" (BioShock)
by Tulpen-Teufel